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Interior Demountable Glass Wall Systems Marketing Kit

This toolkit was created to help glazing contractors enter the $1 billion demountable glass wall market. It includes a fact sheet that explains this market and your two opportunities: installation-only and glazing supported systems (customized demountable glass wall systems), along with the following marketing materials. 

  • Tips for Success, a fact sheet that tells you more about interior glazing and guides your marketing efforts.
  • A customizable brochure to send out to furniture dealers and manufacturers for installation-only opportunities.
  • A customizable email and brochure to send out to architect and design companies and general contractors for glazing supported systems opportunities (customized demountable glass walls).

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Case Studies

Representing the different finishing trades, these industry case studies showcase each project’s challenges and the innovative solutions that IUPAT contractors and craftspeople, through their skills and advanced training, used to triumph over them.

These studies are available to download so IUPAT members and employers have yet another tool to build market share and spread the word that no finishes a job like the IUPAT and its industry partners.

To review all the case studies, click here.

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