Soft Skills Training

This program will inform, motivate, and inspire participants while they learn that there is a direct, daily and routine connection between valuing relationship skills and completing projects and jobs for customers with better and better profitability.

The program begins with participants improving their understanding of themselves and how that increased self-awareness benefits every relationship they have with the people they come in contact every day.  They will also learn the soft skills that they need to value and practice to improve every relationship they have.

This is offered as either a full day or a half day program.  The contents of the program vary based on the length of the session.  The basis of the program is the same, but the full day sessions topics are covered in more depth and a few additional items are covered.

Topics include:

  • Construction Business Basics – Every person responsible for serving customers’ needs to understand the basics of the business of construction from estimating and bidding to billing and collections – how do I fit in and why do I need to understand the basics.
  • Communication Skills – ‘the ultimate core competency” and the key to our success in every part of our business is continually improving our communication skills with the same effort and commitment that we strive to improve our craft skills.
  • Conflict Resolution – How do we handle conflict? (the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument –full day only) – understanding that conflict is something that occurs every day, how I handle conflict and what it means to better relationships and the success of our projects and our business.
  • Management and Leadership – These functions are fundamental and very important to success in our business. What are these two functions in our business and how do I fit in?
  • Motivating ourselves and others – learning, improving, growing, and contributing to the success of our business happens best with motivation practiced as part of the daily routine to achieve the best results we can measured in customer satisfaction and profit for our business.

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